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Sweet Juniper Pepper Bacon Cure - For making bacon 150g

Sweet Juniper Pepper Bacon Cure - For making bacon 150g

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This cure is sufficient for curing 3Kg of Pork belly or Loin This is a fully Traceable, Food Grade product, securely packaged in a sealed tamper proof pouch. Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Black Pepper, Juniper, E250 Preservative, Anti-caking agent. This is a cure that is used for bacon requiring cooking before consumption. Please note that E250 Preservative is a chemical requiring great care. Used correctly this cure is very safe but great care must be taken to measure accurately before use.


Sweet Juniper Pepper Bacon Cure 150g - This is a delicious blend of juniper and pepper for producing wonderful dry cured Bacon with the aromatic aromas of these traditional aromatics.



Sweet Juniper Pepper Bacon Cure - Make your own Sweet Juniper pepper bacon. It couldn’t be easier! We are assuming you are going to use pork for this project but this is a matter of personal choice. We have had customers tell us that they have used beef and lamb with equally good results. 


    • First of all, bone and trim the loin or bellies to remove any excess fat. At this stage you may wish to remove the skin so you will end up with rindless bacon leaving a layer of fat on the surface. The cure will penetrate more effectively without the skin. If your loin or belly is particularly thick use a skewer or a tenderising spike to pierce the meat to aid penetration of the cure.

    • Using the bacon curing mix at 5%. (that means you need to use 50g of cure for every Kg of meat you are curing ).

    • Apply the dry cure to both sides of the meat. Make sure you rub the mix in well. Apply 25% of the cure on the skin or fat side and then applythe remainder of the cure to the meat side. don’t forget to apply cure to the edges of the meat.

    • Place the meat skin side down in a suitable non-metallic container and cover it with cling film. Use a re-sealable bag or vacuum bag if you prefer.

    • Place in the refrigerator until cured. (allow one day for every 0.5 an inch (13mm) of thickness and ad a further one day).

    • Turn the meat every day to ensure you achieve an even cure.

    • Rinse the bacon in cold water at the end of its curing time,(do not soak).

    • Pat the bacon dry using paper towels and place the bacon in the fridge to mature for 1 – 2 days.

    • If you prefer, you can smoke the bacon, in the cold smoker.

    • The bacon is now ready for consumption .

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