Salmon Tartare

Salmon Tartare


Smoked Salmon Tartare



1           300g filet of lightly smoked salmon

3tbsp   Shallot finely chopped

1tbsp   Chives finely chopped

4          Cucumber ribbons

1tbsp   Olive oil

1tsp     Toasted sesame oil

1 tsp    Lemon zest

½ tsp   Sea salt

1 tsp    Caviar

1          Dill sprig for garnish

½ tsp   Pepper ground black


Finely slice the salmon into strips and then into a fine dice. If you would like a finer chop then continue chopping the salmon to achieve the desired texture.

Transfer the salmon to a bowl and add the olive oil, sesame oil and with a spoon, fold into the salmon. Add the shallots, chives, lemon zest and salt and mix to an even consistency.

Ribbon cut the cucumber using a potato peeler into strips about 150- 200 mm 6 to 8 inches and arrange in overlapping strips on a chilled serving platter.

Using a ring mould, place it on the cucumber ribbons. Spoon the salmon tartar into the ring and firm down to remove any air gaps. Carefully remove the ring and repeat with the remaining mixture.

Spoon on a small quenelle of caviar to dress the tartar and garnish with a small frond of dill.