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Nitrite Salt for Bacon Curing

Nitrite Salt for Bacon Curing

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This is a simple curing mixture of finely blended salt and E250 Preservative to produce a delicate application for dry cured bacon.


Curing salt for producing wonderful dry cured Bacon Sufficient for curing 6.66Kg of Pork belly or Loin This is a fully Traceable Food Grade product securely packaged in a sealed tamper proof pouch. Ingredients: Salt E250 Preservative - Anti-caking agent. This is a cure that is used for bacon requiring cooking before consumption. Please note that E250 Preservative is a chemical which requires great care. Used correctly this cure is very safe but great care must be taken to measure accurately before use.

Make your own wonderful Dry Cured Bacon


    • Bone and trim the loin and bellies of pork and remove the flare fat.

    • Using the dry curing mix at 3% of the weight of the meat. (use 30g of cure per 1Kg of meat)

    • Apply to both sides rubbing the mix in well particularly on the meat side. If the middles and belly are particularly thick - pierce the meat to aid penetration using a tenderising spikes or fork.

    • Stack the rubbed meats skin side down on a suitable rack or tray in the refrigerator until cured. (allow one day per 0.5 an inch).

    • At the end of the curing period. Rinse the bacon in cold water (do not soak) dry and mature under refrigeration for 1 - 2 days.

    • The bacon is now ready for slicing.

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