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Meat Net 150mm - 2 Metre Length

Meat Net 150mm - 2 Metre Length

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This 150mm meat net is also known as 18 square or calibre 18. Supplied as a 2 metre length.


This standard meat net is suitable for roasting joints of meat up to 220C / Gas make 7 and for assisting in the production of charcuterie.

This net is designed for use with a 9" or 250mm mini tubes. We supply our meat net as a 2 metre cut length.
This net is also known as 18 square or calibre 18 net.

Adding the red colour aids point of sale appearance if you are using this product to display meat. Ideally suited to beef joints.

Supplied as a 2 metre cut length which has been measured without stretch.

How we use this product

We use this net to produce some of our charcuterie. It acts to provide an active presence on the outside of our air dried product to maintain a close contact between meat and skins. Most air dried products tend to shrink. If you are using string to tie or truss your meat this natural shrinkage can lead to loosening of the trussing which can allow bacteria in.

This net provides an elasticated tension on the outside surface keeping everything in close contact.

Net colour may vary from that shown in the product image

If you’d like another size. follow the link below.

250mm meat net

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