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Italian Style Pancetta Cure 150g

Italian Style Pancetta Cure 150g

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This is a delicious curing mixture of finely blended salt and herbs to produce a delicate application for making Italian style pancetta.

This is a carefully formulated curing salt for producing wonderful dry cured pancetta sufficient for curing 3Kg of pork belly.

This is a fully traceable food grade product securely packaged in a sealed tamper proof pouch. Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Black Pepper, Oregano, Thyme, Preservative E250.

This is a cure that is used for pancetta requiring cooking before consumption. Please note that this curing salt should be weighed out correctly before use.


Make your own wonderful Italian Style Pancetta


  • Bone and trim the belly of pork and remove the flare fat.
  • Carefully remove the skin from the belly leaving as much fat on the meat as possible (your butcher can perform this for you).
      • Using the dry curing mix at 5% of the weight of the meat. (use 50g of cure per 1Kg of meat)
          • Apply to both sides rubbing the mix in well particularly on the meat side. 75% of the cure on the meat side and 25% on the fat side. If the middles and belly are particularly thick - pierce the meat to aid penetration using a tenderising spikes or fork.
              • Place the belly in a plastic bag or wrap tightly in cling film. Cure in the refrigerator. (allow one day per 0.5 inch of thickness (13mm) plus 2 days.
                  • At the end of the curing period, rinse the pancetta in cold water to remove the salt residue. Do not soak. Dry and mature under refrigeration for 1 - 2 days.
                      • Your pancetta is now ready to use or if you choose you can cold smoke to taste.

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