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Gold Silver Food Boards - Various sizes

Gold Silver Food Boards - Various sizes

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Vac Bags

Gold/Silver boards are perfect for packaging charcuterie, sliced meats and smoked salmon.

They are fully food grade and the dimensions of the boards are

165mm X 165mm

170mm X 210mm

170mm X 240mm

220mm X 260mm

We sell these bags with or without the vacuum bags to suit.

The thickness/weight of these board is 600GSM


Our Gold Silver Food Boards are ideal for use when packaging smoked salmon or sliced meat. The boards are gold on one side and silver on the other side. Simply place the food slices on the boards and slip the board into a vacuum bag and that's it, seal it and you're done!

These amazing food boards will add impact and shelf appeal to your products making them look great and eye catching to your customers. They're perfect for storing and displaying cured meats, charcuterie bacon and smoked salmon. Vacuum packaging your produce extends the shelf life of your product too.

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