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Prague Powder #2 - For producing cured meats

Prague Powder #2 - For producing cured meats

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This specialist curing salt is a mixture of Sodium Chloride (Salt),  E250 Preservative and potassium Nitrate. This is a cure for use in the manufacturing of Charcuterie and cured meats for air drying. Available in 4 convenient re-sealable pack sizes. 

Prague Powder 2

Prague Powder 2 or also known as Insta Cure Number 2

This cure is a FOOD GRADE mixture of Sodium Chloride (Salt) E250 Preservative and Potassium Nitrate

This is a slow acting cure for use in air dried cured meats that can be eaten without cooking.


E250 Preservative and Potassium Nitrate are toxic chemicals. Use in accordance with your curing recipe and always measure the cure accurately. It is vitally important you follow your curing recipe exactly.
Prague Powder 2 is not a direct replacement for the salt. One must add additional salt as required by the recipe.
Prague Powder 2 contains 6.25% E250 Preservative 4% Potassium nitrate and 89.75% salt
The usual ratio of cure to meat for this cure is 2.5 gms. per Kg of meat.
We recommend that use of digital scales.

If you are in any doubt about how to use it, please get in contact with us. We have a specification and usage sheets available on request which can guide you through the process of using our product as either a dry cure or wet brine.

The potassium nitrate found in Prague powder 2 gradually oxidises over time leading to the formation of potassium nitrite. This reaction also helps in fixing the colour in the meat giving the finished products that typically cured meat pink colour. By the time this reaction has had taken place a typical dry cured sausage will contain little or no potassium nitrate.  Consequently, Prague Powder 2 is recommended for curing meats which require a long time to cure and dry ( typically weeks to months) like hard salami and some country ham.

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