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PUNCHY 5 Wood Chip Selection Pack (5 X 300g packs)

PUNCHY 5 Wood Chip Selection Pack (5 X 300g packs)

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PUNCHY 5 Pack Wood Chip Selection (5 X 300g packs)

5 of the most fruity aromatic smoking wood chips. Perfect for adding a touch of smokey deliciousness to your BBQ this summer.


Oak wood smoking chips - Traditional Oak wood Chips. Delivering that wonderful oak smoke to your BBQ food. Oak has a characteristic heavy aromatic smoke which complements most meats and fish.
Whiskey Oak wood smoking chips - These aromatic aged oak chips are made from the staves of old oak whiskey barrels. These Oak whiskey chips have a heady sweet aroma that only comes from years of exposure to the casked spirit.
Hickory wood smoking chips - The king of smoking woods. aromatic and sweet. Goes well with Pork and Beef.
Alder wood smoking chips - Gives a mild smoke similar in strength to Beech and with less sweetness than maple smoking wood.

Birch wood smoking chips - Give a light sweet delicate aroma with hints of caramel sweetness Considered to be a light to medium smoke. Birch smoking wood chips go exceedingly well with cheese white meats bacon and fish.

General - All the woods we use are dried to below 16% moisture content when packaged to ensure their longevity.

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