Meat Curing & Charcuterie

Meat Curing & Charcuterie - A one day practical hands on introduction to Meat Curing & Charcuterie. Covering the basic theory behind curing with salt, making charcuterie. How to cure a Ham, make Pancetta, Bacon and Chorizo, Beef jerky, Biltong and how to air dry a prosciutto ham. This really is a full day.

LEVEL - Enthusiast or Beginner

TIME - 10.00 - 16.30 - Lunch included.

DETAILS - This is a great one day food course offering a practical hands on introduction to Meat Curing, Brining and Charcuterie. The course covers the basic theory behind Curing & Brining including the use of Nitrite salts. You'll cover important subjects like Health & Safety including food hygiene. We also discuss the link between curing and smoking as these two subjects complement each other.

On the course you'll actually learn how to cure and smoke bacon. Curing and rolling a Pancetta, brining a ham, mixing the ingredients and making chorizo.

Other practical projects we'll look at throughout the day include air drying a duck Breasts and Prosciutto ham. We'll also discuss the various equipment to use for best results when curing and smoking.

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LEVELEnthusiast or Beginner
 10:00 - 16:30 Refreshments included