Sausage Making

SAUSAGE MAKING COURSE- Everyone likes a home made sausage and that's exactly what this class teaches you to make. Sausage making is a hands on process where you can have great fun working with fresh ingredients in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. At the sausage making course you'll get to take home the fresh sausages prepared.

LEVEL - Enthusiast or Beginner

TIME - 13.30 - 15.30 - Refreshments included

DETAILS - Sausage making is a hands on process. We'll start the sausage making course by learning the basics of what makes a good sausage. We will then discuss at what goes into a good sausage by looking at the different proportions of meat & seasonings. You'll get to sample the sausage mixture beforehand where we'll fry off some of the mixture to check the balance of flavours and seasonings before filling the skins. It's then down to the practical stuff of sausage making using wonderful natural casings.  We will also show you the art of linking sausages like they do in the butchers shop and you'll end the day by taking home all the sausages we make.

NOTE - We like to keep our use of plastic containers to a minimum and encourage attendees to bring their own container with them to transport their sausages home. 

VOUCHERS - If you have a voucher for this course you can redeem it by choosing a date from those below and contacting us via the contact page on this site with the necessary details. Don't panic, if your voucher is expiring before an available date, so long as you redeem it before the expiry date we'll honour it for a future workshop. 

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LEVELEnthusiast or Beginner
 13:30 - 15:30 Refreshments included